Akriti Eye Examination Kit

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Akriti Eye Examination Kit

Idea By Beyond Eye Care

Akriti Develop Eye Examination Kit in accordance with the Beyond Eye Care Ltd. as instructed by Dr Rashmin Gandhi, MS, FRCS, Managing Director, Kit designed for Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, eye care professionals and Optometry as well ophthalmology Students who are undergoing for exam such as Fellow of Royal Collage of Surgeons, (FRCS), Diplomatic National Board, (DNB), Diploma in Ophthalmology, (DO) and Also for Emergency Eye Examination.

Eye Examination Kit was inaugurated at AAPOS 2016 Meeting in Conjunction with SPOSI Annual Meeting  in Jaipur with Dr AK Grover, FRCS Examiner & Dr Rashmin Gandhi, FRCS Trainer and with Dr Rahul Ali, Orbis International Chief of Asia, Kit was offered by Dr Kuldeep Raizada, Phd, BCO, BADO, FAAO, CEO and Chairman of Akriti” 

Kit contains :

Jackson Cross Cylinder : For refinement of Refractive error

Occluder : for Strabismus Evaluation

Confrontation Target : for Field test

Pen Torch : for neurological & external Eye Examination

Ruler :  for eye lids evaluation

Accommodation Target : for Near Vision, convergence, as well as for accommodation evaluation 

Comes with Leather Pouch for easy carrying and use in Daily work schedule.

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