•  Patch Cat Fixation Sticks

Patch Cat Fixation Sticks

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Set of 2 Patch Cat Fixation Sticks - printed on both sides on durable plastic and provide a host of features to keep the attention and enable testing of  younger children. Patch Cat figures are from The Adventures of Patch Cat and Strabismouse Booklet by J Snow, CO. and Illustrated by Sheena Hisiro - all in full color. Overall, each of the characters is wearing patches including occluding glasses, stick-on adhesive patch, Slip-cover patch and traditional pirate type patch.
Stick A shows smaller fully detailed images of Patch Cat and Strabismouse, wearing patches of some sort. This Stick also provides six lines each of Sloan letters and Landolt C’s from 20/100 to 20/32 at 16 inches (40 cm). Plus Stick B has 6 simple words in English and 6 additional words in Spanish. 
Stick B shows more small colorful figures including Patch Cat eating watermelon with occluding glasses, Strabismouse with Mr. Ant, Eye Doctor Otter and Wise Old Owl. Stick B also provides a block of 20/50 letters as well as 3 very small accommodation or fixation figures (bell, dog and the number 5).  See ‘Technical Info’ tab to download Technical Bulletin.
Patch Cat Sticks are 1 3/8 by 5 3/4 inches ( 35 x 146 mm). Sticks are a little stiffer (and thicker) than most fixation sticks for sturdy operation. 
In addition  to these Patch Cat Fixation Sticks, These Patch Cat charcters are now available as blinking lights (Mr Frog), Fixation Sticks, Men's Tie, Women's Silk Scarf and Cotton Surgical Caps. See ‘Technical Info’ tab to download the Tech Bulletin for the family of Patch Cat Products.
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